Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

Ten years ago, few people had heard of Facebook and Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest didn’t exist. Now, if you’re not using these services as part of your marketing, your message is not reaching the majority of your potential patients.

These social media tools allow people to share information and connect with friends and families, and your chiropractic website needs to be completely integrated with these services so that it’s effortless to share your services with the world.

Our N8 Chiropractic Site Builder takes care of all of this for you. Your site pages are provided with easy social media sharing tools, making it one simple click to share a page on your site.

Our video library is optimized for social media, so that when you or a patient shares a page with one of our 90+ Chiropractic Videos, the video shows up on the Facebook page and can be played right there!